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The History of Jakarta

Jakarta started out as a small port on the estuary of Ciliwung River around 500 years ago. As the centuries passed the port city grew into a buzzing international trade center. Early knowledge on Jakarta has been uncovered, though in bits and pieces, through the many stone tablets that had been discovered in and around the port. Information on Jakarta up until the arrival of European explorers is few at best.

Accounts of 16th century European writers make mention of a city called Kalapa, which apparently served as the primary port of a Hindu kingdom called Sunda, which had its capital at Pajajaran, and was situated approximately 40 kilometers inland, nearby where Bogor nowadays is. The Portuguese where the first large European party to have had made it to the port of Kalapa. The city was later besieged by a young man named Fatahillah, who hailed from a kingdom nearby Kalapa. Fatahillah renamed Sunda Kalapa Jayakarta on 22 June 1527. It’s this date that is commemorated as Jakarta’s anniversary. The Dutch arrived by the end of the 16th Century and took control over Jayakarta.

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