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Regulation of the Use of the Website Heritage Trails

Regulation and the following disclaimer below applies to and manage all parts contained on the website Heritage Trails. Please read carefully before you enroll and participate on this website. By accessing and joined the Heritage Trails website then you are stating that you agree to abide by the rules below:

With this you agree to become members of Heritage Trails website and will be subject to all the rules binding on it.

All members of the Heritage Trails and website visitors personally responsible and fully on the content / material written and published by them. You agree to indemnify and not to overload this website and its managers including administrators, moderators and owners of all claims incurred caused by messages that you publish on this website. Heritage Trails website manager reserves the right to publish any information we have about you in the event of complaints and legal problems caused by any message that you publish.

Heritage Trails website manager can not be prosecuted for any statement, errors, inaccuracies or deficiencies in any content posted by members of the website or visitors on the website Heritage Trails. Heritage Trails is not responsible for the accuracy of the information content of any website members, and will not have any legal responsibility for the results of the discussion on the website of Heritage Trails.

If you participate in the Heritage Trails website, you warrant that you will not:

  1. Defamatory, threatening, abusive or insulting others
  2. Issued a statement SARA (Tribe, Religion, Race, and the Inter-group)
  3. Suggest illegal conduct or discussion that led to the unlawful acts
  4. Publish and disseminate material that violates the rights of third parties or unlawful
  5. Publish or disseminate material and language that is unethical, pornographic, vulgar and unethical. obscene, manners, or language or images that are not feasible
  6. You shall ensure that any material you post on the Heritage Trails in the form of text, images or other multimedia content does not infringe any copyright, patent, trademark or personal rights and other intellectual property of third parties, and published only with the permission of the third party.
  7. You must agree, that whatever you publish on the Heritage Trails, either in the form of text, images or other multimedia content will become public property and those who have joined in the Heritage Trails. These materials will be downloaded, and can be used for any purpose, and that is probably without your knowledge.

Registered users can submit comments related to post-served. The comments not represent the views, opinions or policies Heritage Trails website manager and entirely the responsibility of the shipper.

You can report a comment if it is considered unethical, abusive, defamatory, or redistributed. Business website Heritage Trails will weigh every incoming report and may decide to keep serving or delete the comment. Heritage Trails is entitled to give warnings or shut down access for readers who violates this provision.

The contents of the messages contained in the Heritage Trails will not be changed by the manager of the website Heritage Trails in any way. However, the manager of Heritage Trails website reserves the right to delete messages that are considered objectionable or offensive context. If you find any posts objectionable or offensive, please contact the manager of the website Heritage Trails.

Heritage Trails website manager does not monitor every message published on this website at any time. If you would like to contact the manager of the website Heritage Trails, please send an email through the address listed in another section of this website.

If you are not able to meet the regulations listed above, manager of Heritage Trails website reserves the right to take further action. For those who violate these rules may be suspended membership or access without prior warning.

Business website Heritage Trails will use electronic mail (email) as one method of communication with the members of the website. If you agree to join in this website, then you have been willing to receive electronic mail (email) on the website manager Heritage Trails.

The regulations referred to above may be modified from time to time by the manager of Heritage Trails website without notice.